Program Requirements

In addition to the standard graduate student program requirements, the following NanoMat program requirements are mandatory for all trainees:

  • Coursework – Completion of 2 interdisciplinary courses for NanoMat graduate students:

Nanomaterials (CHEM 527)

Nanomaterials Characterization (CHEM 521B)

– requires trainees to obtain hands-on training and experience on different pieces of instrumentation relevant to nanomaterials.

  • Attendance at Seminar Course/Literature Discussion – monthly meetings
  • Mentorship – Trainees are paired with a mentor from industry during their time in the program.
  • Participation at NanoMat Retreats and Symposia
  • Graduate Student Supervision of Undergraduate Students
  • Professional Development Workshops – Examples of planned workshops for trainees include the following topics:

– Finding  a Job

– Preparing Your Resume

– Negotiation

– Leading by Example

– The Job Interview

– Writing a Research Paper

– Entrepreneurship

– Intellectual Property

  • Internships – PhD students are required to undertake 3-8 month internships in a Canadian Company or research lab abroad.