NanoMat Program Committee

Carolyn Moorlag

Dr. Carolyn Moorlag manages the System Integration Area and leads the Digital Manufacturing Technology Platform at XRCC.  The System Integration Area carries out the integration of custom materials into xerographic systems, and is responsible for new devices and systems design incorporating printed electronic and hybrid electronic components.  Carolyn leads projects developing opportunities in digital manufacturing applications including polymers-based 3D printing.  Since joining Xerox in 2006, she has conducted materials development for a variety of next generation printing projects, and is focused on developing technologies through cross functional research projects for Xerox and external clients, and partnering with Universities and Government.  Carolyn has MSc in Materials Engineering, and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, both from the University of British Columbia.


Michael Mehta

Dr. Michael D. Mehta is a social scientist who specializes in science, technology and society with a focus on environmental and health risk issues. He is a Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. He has served as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Thompson Rivers University. He holds a B.A. in Psychology (York University, Canada), a Master of Environmental Studies (York University, Canada), a Ph.D. in Environmental Sociology (York University, Canada) and he did a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Environmental Policy (Queen’s University, Canada). He leads the Help the Kelp Project and is founder of a community-based electrical co-operative GabEnergy on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.


Shanna Knights

Ms. Shanna Knights is Director of Research at Ballard Power Systems. Her fuel cell research areas during nineteen years at Ballard include durability, reliability, performance, and operational behavior, and span several fuel cell applications, including stationary power generation, cogeneration, bus, light duty automotive, back-up power, and materials handling. She is responsible for both internal research activities and significant collaboration with universities, research institutions and industry. Her group at Ballard conducts R&D for the fuel cell components of membrane, anode and cathode catalyst layers, gas diffusion layers, and for the integration of the MEA components, with the objective of developing next generation products with reduced cost, and increased performance, functionality, and durability. Prior to joining Ballard, Ms. Knights worked as research engineer and project manager for BC Research Inc. for 7 years in the areas of waste management and chemical process and reaction engineering.


Mark MacLachlan

Prof. Mark MacLachlan is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at UBC. As the Director of the NanoMat program, he is a non-voting member of the Program Committee. More information about him is available under “Principal Investigators“.

Graduate Student Representative – Chanel La